Buying Custom Shirts: Benefits and Disadvantages

Buying Custom Shirts: Benefits and Disadvantages

What is custom made/designed shirts?

designed shirts

Before buying custom shirts, you need to know first what it is. Custom designed shirts are made to fit the personal specifications of the client. Tend to meet one particular need of a person or organization.

Custom made/designed shirts are always needed mostly on a particular event like reunions, gatherings, team buildings, business promotions or just simply to acknowledge friendship and brotherhood.

Being the most popular trend of recent generation, buying custom shirts can be very enthusiastic for some people especially for the young ages.

Having and wearing one can be proud. Most especially when you wear the outcome of your own design. Buying these ones is easy. Simple browsing the net, find a store offering things like this, inquire, order and pay.

But this thing has its own benefits and disadvantages we need to know. There are things we need to consider to have our preferences. Take a look at the following factors:

Benefits of Buying Custom Shirts

  1. Being able to exactly get what you want – Our preferences when it comes to clothing can defer from one another. So it’s good to know that there are stores or services that prioritize our demands and wants. Custom made shirts is what this is all about.

    Everything we want is at reach. Like our choice of fabric, design, colors and appropriate sizes.we can get anything

  2. Design – We can be as creative as we want with our own design knowing that the store prioritizes our wants.create your own design
  3. Modify the pattern – Like you have chosen a certain design from the choices but you want to add or remove some details, then you’re free to. You can add a line or two. A letter, a shape or a word. Or maybe you want a different font. Your choice is what matters and not the producers.modify your design
  4. Completely unique outfit – This is important in buying clothes, so does with custom shirts.  You can have the fit exactly for you, exactly for your want.unique outfit
  5. Business promotions – If you have a business and your thinking of how to expand your outreach, then custom shirts are the best option. Good company shirts always start a conversation with the audiences.

    Hand out some customized shirts on your events and occasions and get your business known from everywhere.

    Just have a design that makes people talk about you and your business to get more clients and gain more participants for your promotion

  6. Build unity within a group or organization – Custom shirt plays a great role in any organization, like a group of employees, students, family, or a sports league. Making each member feel the sense of camaraderie, it acts as a unifying force to each member.
  7. Style and look – You can have the style and look you have in mind. Offers good look and style along with professional look anyone deserves.

    A good and attractive designed custom shirts help anyone easily identify employees and anyone in any position and elevates any establishment to the higher level in the eyes of your customers and bypassers.

  8. Make a lasting impression – Everybody wants to extraordinary. You can always create a design for you alone or for your company that will make you stand out, create a great artwork to be remembered by many people.
  9. Price – Like you need shirts for quite a number of people, the company will surely give you a discount or a free shipping and delivery.
  10. A lot of companies can also help you out with your design and shirt – Like you can’t come out with a good design or a good brand of shirt, there are companies that offer an entire package. So it won’t be very difficult having them.

Now that you have all the ideas about the benefits of buying custom shirts, let’s take a look at the disadvantages:


  1. Obviously costlier – Pretty much costly than ready made. Because you want to get your own design, the producer needs to adjust on the materials needed, thus making it more costly.
  2. Be prepared for mistakes – Because it’s your own design, there are times that the product doesn’t really come out at it’s best. Sometimes the details of the outcome differ from what you want.
  3. You need to have a sound sense of artwork – If you’re planning to design your shirt on your own, make sure you have the sense of the art needed. Make sure to make a design that you are sure what you want. If you don’t have it then maybe things will come out wrong.
  4. It takes more time to get your product finally – Unlike ready made, custom shirts really takes the time to have on hand. For event shirts with a certain date, make sure to go to the printing shop as early as possible so you can have good results.
  5. Not genuine shirts – There are companies that use fewer quality shirts to make them gain more profit.

When it comes to buying custom shirts, it’s important to consider these things to have the best product we want to have. Sometimes it’s hard to really think about all of this but it’s all worth your effort and time.

Now, when you’re thinking of buying custom shirts, you can either choose from this two options:

  1. Look for any physical printing shops in town – Find any shop in your place that offers services that you think would meet your demands. Find as many as you can and compare all the services offered. Find the best one that will surely satisfy you.
  2. Browse the net – Search the web for online stores that already has available designs that maybe would help you with what you need. Browsing the net will make your search easier, having the time of your life just sitting there, inquiring for all prospective stores.

Note:  After you’ve chosen your option, there’s another one thing you need to consider- make sure the store you choose is legit. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting everything you’ve worked for.


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