Direct to film technology is now available in the philippines.

Clothing line owners?

Start your clothing line now and publish your design anytime, print only if you have orders.

Startup entrepreneurs?

The easiest way to start a business is start t-shirt printing, with this technology the opportunity is limitless.

Printing shop owners?

You can now fully upgrade your services by offering DTF to your clients, you can now print any design your clients wants.

Souveners/customized shop owners?

You can take advantage of this technology to offer the best customized designs to your costumers.

Primary Things needed?

  • Secure a brand-new printer with 6 colors ex. Epson L1800 
  • Textile Ink Waterbase
  • Adhesive Powder
  • Transparent Film
  • Heatpress or Oven (recommended)
  • Acrorip Software

Frequently asked questions

We are proud to say that your printer will not clog as easy as other converted Eco solvent printers, because we are using a premium waterbased ink.

The print is really in good quality same with DTG prints, we also tried to perform wash test and still the ink holds well on the cloth.

So far, as per testing in our lab you can print it in cotton, polycotton, and drifit. So the print is really flexible to almost all types of fabric.

Well the price and cost of the process really matters.
In DTG you need at least 1M pesos to start while in DTF you can start at 30-50K Pesos.

If you have a clothing line or if you are an artist, this is perfect for you. You can post as many design you have and print only if someone will order you.

Aside from its a new technology, you can try this also because it is flexible in any type of prints.

We can supply you the consumables nationwide.

We give it for FREE if you avail our package.

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