Easy Tips on How to Set Your Clothing Budget

Easy Tips on How to Set Your Clothing Budget

Do I have enough resources for my clothing?

Shopping for clothes, as we all know, is one of the greatest escapades especially for women. Having the latest fashion trend is best when you have resources. But we need enough clothing budget for it.

Budgeting for something every day can be mind-boggling especially when the budget involved seems so short for the things that you need day by day. Sometimes you need to sacrifice the things you want to have the things you need. Having a small amount of a lot of expenditures sometimes make you wonder how will you have it all.

Saving a part of your income for your clothing sometimes went out of the way just to give way for all the necessary things. Yes, clothing is necessary too. But not all of us went shopping for it regularly. Many of us just buy clothes when we need a specific one for a certain event. Or if there’s an amount left after we have shopped everything we need like groceries, paid all the bills and has already set aside a budget for some miscellaneous expenses for the next days until your next payday.

But having a budget just for your clothes can sometimes make us feel good especially when you think of buying a new set of dress, or a pair of suit for your job. Or just a pair of casual outfit to wear for your next escapade.

Now, how can you really have a clothing budget? Do you really need to sacrifice a part of your budget just to have your clothing trends up to date?  The answer is a big NO.

Let me give you some tips on how to set your budget for your clothing needs without dropping any of all the necessities.

  1. Consider your income – your income or your take home pay is the most important thing to consider upon budgeting your expenses including food, bills, groceries and everything. Everything defends on this factor.consider your income
  2. Family’s needs – aside from clothing, think about all your family’s needs. Save a budget for all of those. Like you have to pay your kid’s tuition at school, pay all your bills, went to the grocery and save a part for health purposes first. After you’ve taken care all those things, this is where your clothing gets in.family needs
  3. Self-assessment –  Analyze to yourself of the things you need to have and the things you just want to have. Evaluate yourself well before buying something you might realize you don’t need that much. Determine to yourself that if you really have to budget for clothes, save at least 3-5% of your take home pay. But if you have kids and a husband then maybe it’s just not enough because you have to buy clothes for them too. You can either extend your budget to 8-10% of your total income or just save and keep your budget every month and buy clothes when you already have saved enough for every member.Checklist
  4. Get organized – you can check your wardrobe first. Look for those clothes you think you don’t need anymore. Do you prefer pants over a dress to wear day by day or the other way around?  Check over the holes of your closet and know the lacking.get organize
  5. Analyze your values – you can be one of those people who love traveling or touring around. Or maybe there are just some unexpected expenses that value more than your clothing, prepare to be flexible. Sometimes you need to reduce your clothing budget to add to other categories of your budget.save money for emergency
  6. Your job – this plays a great role when budgeting for your clothes. Clothes you wear every day varies with the nature of your job. Only you know what clothes are appropriate for you to buy more often. And your job often rules your lifestyle too. So your clothes depend on your job very well.Job

Saving a budget for your clothes sometimes a stressful job for all of us. Especially when your job or you daily needs always get in the way. Some people only went shopping for clothes only as needed. But having a budget only intended for it make you feel good knowing that you can have your wardrobe up to date anytime.

You can now analyze whether you will have your budget as an exclusive percentage of your income to spend on clothing. Or you’ll have some only when you need to. Also, you can consider having them as a part of your personal expenditures.

Note that it is also important to have all your needs. Try to budget only enough that you won’t be depriving yourself of anything, or worse, put your family’s needs at risk.

Now let’s know how you will stick to your clothing budget

  1. Keep track with your expenses – tracking everything you spend your money with is a good tactic to stick to your budget. Try listing down all your payments on clothing or you can just simply keep all your receipts for you to check next time you go shopping. This way, you’ll know how to divide your budget well.track your expenses
  2. Save if you can – when you already have your budget in hand, do not be so excited to go and shop right away. This can sometimes steal your budget for other things you need. Especially when the one you’re buying is quite costly and your budget is just not enough to buy it.  You can consider keeping it first and wait for the next month budget to add to it and buy exactly what you need and what you want.save money
  3. Always know that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” –  the irony is, sometimes we have our eyes bigger than our wallet. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are picking the wrong thing that is out of our budget. Now try to discipline yourself. Budget is budget and sticks to it. You can not just drop your savings for your family’s needs just to have the dress or the branded pants you love.enough is enough

These tips are given to you the easiest way. Try to achieve this so you can have a good shopping experience without feeling the guilt of jeopardizing the other categories of you and your family’s needs.

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