Electrical Engineers: Best Gift Ideas for Your Favorite One

Electrical Engineers: Best Gift Ideas for Your Favorite One

What is Electrical Engineering and History

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that deals and study with the application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Electrical engineers have become a standard in-demand occupation in the latter half of 19th century when communication came to commercialization so with telecommunications, broadcasting and electric power.

They became popular when electricity became a big part of human’s daily life.

Having even just one electrical engineer in your family will make you feel proud, knowing that their job is all about electricity and power. But one mistake can ruin everything they work for.

Knowing about their risky career, maybe you can think of giving them a single gift that somehow will make them smile after doing a tough and hazardous project.

Or a gift for a special event or celebration in his life. Below are some gift ideas for your electrical engineers.

Top 20 Best Gift Ideas for Electrical Engineers

  1. Circuit Board Tie – Of course, they are the masters of circuits, and they always want people to know about it.

    Try giving him one and be the reason of his proudness while wearing it in partner of his favorite suit when attending his meetings.

  2. Electrical Engineer Custom Shirt – Of course, this is considered common. But this never fails to give you the appreciation you wanna see on the receiver’s face upon giving him this kind of shirt.

    Knowing that this really means you exerted so much effort to have it customized. This is your way of letting him know how special he is to you.

  3. Light Bulb Bracelet – This exerts more effort because you’ve got to learn how to hand made this one and make it more special.

    Designed with a light bulb which represents his job description. This is a personalized item for special electrical engineers. Best given during father’s day, anniversaries, or his birthday.

    Though there are some shops that sell things like this. You can just buy one for him.

  4. Personalized Engineering mug – Another common thing, yes. But can be made more special by having it personalized to fit on his exact field. Just know if he does love coffee.

    You can have it designed with a unique artwork that specifies an electrical engineer, like circuits and bulbs and boards.

  5. Electrical Engineer Wall Decor – This thing is something to be hanged on the wall, of course. But for an electrical engineer, you might be choosing things like paintings with circuit designs, bulbs, electrical tool pictures, or anything that you think would connect to him and his profession.

    Choose the one that you think will give life to his wall.

  6. Circuit Designed Pill Box – This is to contain all his needed supplements every day. Only that this is more special, printed with circuits or any motherboard picture.

    This thing might encourage him to take his supplements on time.

  7. Electrical Engineer’s Car Window Decor – A simply designed vinyl to be stocked to his car window. Wherever he goes, everyone will know he is an electrical engineer.

    And he’ll be proud of it. You can have this from shops that sell car accessories for personalization.

  8. Circuit Board Flip Flops – Flip flops, yes. You may sound this weird, giving a flip-flop to someone may sound so simple and cheap.

    But choosing a design that is related to his job and profession will make it different. The design will give impact to the receiver when it connects to him.

    You can easily find this stuff in malls and department stores.

  9. Light Bulb On-the-go Water Tumbler – Everyone needs water on-the-go. So does your electrical engineer.

    Find him one insulated water tumbler that he can bring a hot or cold drink on his way to anywhere he works. There are some printing shops that offer personalized items like tumblers and mugs.

  10. Tools Heated Jacket – This is for electricians who need to work in a freezing cold building during cold seasons. This will keep him working in a warm feeling.

    This jacket is wind and water resistant with a fleece lining and is machine washable and dry-able. The heat can be adjusted to the temperature right to comfort him.

    This also has a number pockets to contain almost all his tiny essentials.

  11. Head Torch – This is very helpful for electrical engineers. This offers a hand free method of working in dark areas.

    Even if he has to wear it on his head, he doesn’t have to wear it with difficulty. The head torch is commonly made with an elastic comfy garment as a head support.

    It is waterproof and weatherproof and adjustable so you can position the light to where it should be pointing.

  12. Vintage Electricians Knife – This is not really a necessity for him but is considered as a collectible for them.

    This serves as a multi-purpose tool for him, having two bladed knives which are handy to bring anywhere.

  13. Voltmeter – This tool is used for verifying live circuits and for checking voltages. There are various types of voltmeters, so you need to know what suits your electrical engineer’s needs.

    This will keep him away out of danger always.

  14. Wire Strippers – This is used to cut off wire insulation. One tool is equipped with different sized cutting teeth to cut various sized wires. So one tool is all in one tool.

    Make your electrical engineer’s work a lot easier.

  15. Non-contact Voltage Detector – This is used to quickly check if there is a voltage or current flow present in an area.

    Some devices are made automatically and some are should be turned on via switch button. This is simply placed beside a wire, breaker or cord to see if it is energized.

    Your electrical engineer will surely appreciate a gift like this.

  16. Electrical Engineer Hoodie – A hoodie as we know, is technically a sweatshirt with a hood. A good garment to wear in any working sites that are directly hit by the sun’s rays.

    This will make them able to work comfortably. Make it a special one by having it personalized, printed with some statements and designs that will make them proud as they are with their career.

So during those times when they need some break, try giving him/her a special gift that will motivate him more and will always make him do the best out of his job. A gift he will surely treasure and be grateful with you forever.

Remember that when giving someone a gift, think of something that surely will make him appreciate and love it because it is sensible and useful for him, no matter how much the price is. After all, it’s not the price that counts but the thought that comes with it.










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