Top Ways on How to Generate B2B Sales Lead for your Printing Business

Top Ways on How to Generate B2B Sales Lead for your Printing Business

Getting your printing business to be known online is crucial. No one will gonna buy your product or service, even how good it is if no one knows about it.

We have to accept the fact that gone are the days when marketing plainly meant selling and buying of goods. In this matter, you need to know how to generate B2B sales leads for your printing business.

What are B2B Sales Leads?

This is known on the internet as business-to-business or e-biz marketing. Wherein the exchange or e-commerce of products and services or information is between businesses companies rather than business to consumers. This is another way of promoting your goods online.

For a printing business to survive, you need to generate sales lead. What are sales leads? Sales leads are the life of the sales team. This can be a person or a company who you hope to be one of your future clients or customer of your business product or services.

Person or company that shows interest in what you offer and provide contact information.Sales can be gained through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings or other marketing efforts.

Now, in order for your business to survive, grow and be well-known online you need to generate your sales leads. How will you gonna do this?

Well, you don’t need to have the best products to make this happen in your company. You don’t have to make your products and services to be the cheapest among other companies. All you need to be is being the best seller.

And in order to be the best seller, you need to constantly generate high-quality leads that someday you can convert into customers or clients. Leads that your sales team can contact, meet and make sales happen.

How To Generate B2B Sales Leads for Printing Business this 2018?

Let’s take a look at some ideas to generate your B2B sales lead and reach your target audiences and customers faster.

  1. SEO

    Improve your search engine optimization of your website for it to appear on the first page of Google searches that use keywords that describe your business products or services.

    This will help boost and increase traffic to your website and increase inbound sales leads.Google is doing searches better and better every day.

    That’s why you need to make sure your SEO is in good shape. Spend more time crafting good contents to rank well in the SERP.

  2. Landing Pages

    This is the pages where visitors land on for a certain purpose. Landing pages have various purposes. But one of its frequent use is to capture leads through the use of forms, offers, and trials.

    Try to house your landings from outbound campaigns on your own server so the traffic goes directly to your website and not to the facilitators. This is way much better for you.

    Part of your SEO strategy is to make sure that visitors land on relevant pages. When people search for online marketing, do not make them land on a page about digital marketing.

    Make sure you are serving all verticals with your landing pages and optimize the verticals.

  3. Lead Generation Ads

    Facebook and Twitter both have this. This allows advertisers to collect email addresses inside platform and no need to direct users to go outside social media.

    The idea of lead ads is that when it’s easier for users to share their emails addresses, they will do it more often.

  4. Use Paid Ads to Increase Traffic

    Well, somehow your website is probably generating leads already. Increasing your website traffic using paid ads is just a simple thing.

    But you don’t just want visitors. You want sales. So make use of your time and effort by creating campaigns that generate sales leads.Create campaigns with multiple touches.

    Try using media campaigns to get the attention of your sales targets, focusing on reaching your audience multiple times through multiple channels like sending direct mail postcards, follow up emails, and telemarketing to those who don’t respond.

    These multiple touches will build up each other, hitting your targets on every different angle to make sure your offer is well heard. This is more costly than single touch, but far more effective too.

  5. Generate Online Reviews

    Positive reviews always increase the trustworthiness of any product or services, may it be online or physical shops.

    Most B2B marketers do browse online for a certain product or services before purchasing. They always look for positive and honest reviews about your business to support their decisions.

    So to generate a high sales lead, you need to have reviews about your product or services available to view online. But don’t try to show fake reviews.

    It can kill your search engine rankings along with any other harm it could give you.

    Only honest reviews can generate leads. So if you only have one customer, make sure they will review your business.

  6.  Customer Referrals

    Sales lead generated through this technique is often high-quality. Turn your happy customers into promoters.

    Find out who’s probably to promote your tool and send them ideas on how to spread the word about your business.

    Try to set up a program where employees, customers or partners can refer sales leads to your business and in return they will get a certain amount of referral bonus.

  7. Lead Magnets

    Creating something with high value and giving it for free is a great way to gain friends and make connections. And friends are great leads.

    But don’t expect miracles from this tip. You need to do this in the subtlest way possible. And if done correctly, you can surely save a lot of time and money.

  8. Experiment Content Formats

    You are writing content blogs but never tried adding videos to them means you are losing leads. Video blogging is a good strategy, knowing that people do love watching videos more than reading articles.

    On this matter, try using all possible channel you can use to generate more leads as widely as possible. And to multiply your reach to generate more leads from new channels.

    And consider adding translation options to make people of different languages understand your content.

  9. Promote Good Conversations

    You can not just rely on a social conversation you have with your prospects such as in websites, blog post or videos. Try to have real conversations with them as often as possible.

    If your user asks about a feature in chat, do not just offer a link to answer them. Try providing something beyond what they expect from you.

    Like giving them a 10-15 minutes call to walk them through what they are looking for. This will give you more possibility to sell.

    If you are e-mailing with your prospected lead, offer a video call to discuss it with him thoroughly. Then offer meet-ups to get to them more closely.

  10. Generate Leads From Web Visitors

    It is an important tactic to track your website visitors on an account level that suits well with any other online lead generation strategy.

    When interested companies visit your website, you can transfer them directly to your CRM as sales leads.

  11.  Live Chat With Your Users

    Even how you spend so much of your time trying to ensure that all content on your website is relevant and all possible questions have been answered, there are still some visitors who just can’t find the answers to their questions and are still looking for more.

    Some customers prefer live chat with their product or service providers to support their questions. And most of them are happy with the results.

  12. Use Your Email

    A good email signature that is linked to social media profiles can help your prospected leads find out more about your products and services more easily.

    Use your email by including your email signature link to promote your contents.

    If someone clicks once out of those 20-30 emails you send every day, it is really very useful for you already.

    Especially when you are sending quite a lot of emails per day to how many people or companies from your personal email account.

    Consider the number of those emails you send and then you’ll realize how important your email signature is.

  13. Use Directories

    Simply advertising or listing your business in online directories is very helpful for B2B company selling. Many businesses obtain high sales leads through this.

  14. Linkedin

    Linkedin is the most effective and most used by businesses to gather and generate more business to business leads. You can simply connect with individuals or companies that are related to your business.
    You can post articles that can help SME’s and let them option in to get their emails and contacts. Lastly, you can run a Linkedin ads to target your preferred audience.

  15. Leverage Facebook

    Social media nowadays plays a big role in every business success, one of the most common is FACEBOOK.

    Ways to leverage Facebook to grow your Printing business in the Philippines:

    a. FB Personal Profile – you can post your services and works on your personal Facebook account to let your friends know that you are offering a printing business. Your friend might know a company that might need your service.
    b. Facebook Business Page – secure an FB business Page for your brand or business. Make it a habit to post all your works and videos of your business to keep your customers updated. Other companies are looking for a long-term partnership especially with the printing business, they will contact you once they notice that you do exist in that specific area.
    c. Facebook Groups – you can join FB groups that let you post your services or product. You can join any FB buy and sell groups and from there you can start posting your services and you will be amazed by the results. More business owners are already a member of that buy and sell group so they will notice your post and a big chance to be contacted.

  16. Partner with Schools

    Schools are one of the biggest markets in printing industry either t-shirt printing, signage, souvenirs and etc. Try to have access to every school and partner your services with them.

    Lead generation is not that easy but is a must for every business to survive.Yes, many businesses survive in on bound alone. But B2B generation can give you a lot more.

    You should never depend solely on one source of leads but have multiple sources for lead generation in case one vein dries up.

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