Tips on Getting Your Right Size When Buying Clothes Online

Tips on Getting Your Right Size When Buying Clothes Online

When shopping for clothes online, you always have a feeling of the thing called “size-doubt”. This is because of the fact that you don’t get a chance to try the fit of the actual product.

You always worry that maybe you won’t get the right size and the online store has the common “no return, no exchange” policy. The ending is, you will be wasting your money on a product that you will not be able to wear.

One of the reasons of our disappointments when buying clothes online is not getting the right size for us. Shopping for clothes online is always a gamble, knowing that sizes may vary from different stores.

But this scenario does not only happen in online shopping but also in actual window shopping in malls. You pick something good, only estimating it suits you, but after you try it at home, it doesn’t.

Though malls often have fitting rooms, not everyone bothers to get inside and try the fit before paying. Then end up regretting.

So what should you do avoid thing like this to happen? A handful of helpful tips may help you out of that problem.

Tips on Getting your Right Size

  1. Get Your Measurement Up to Date – Before you get to spend your money on clothes, the most important thing is getting your measurements up to date. You can not rely on your actual dress size because of the medium size of your brand maybe small size from the other brand.So you can only depend on your body’s measurement in inches.Measure your bust, waist, and hips. Using a tape measure, measure your chest for bust, around belly button for the waist and around your hip bones for hip measurements.

    Keep your numbers in a written keep and always bring in mind when shopping. Remember to make it updated. Once you have this, you will be shopping without fear, online or actual. Get Your Measurement Up to Date

  2.  Check the Store’s Size Chart – Every store has it’s own size charts. Make sure to check it out. Explore it, especially if you are to spend your money on something you are not allowed to try on.size chart
  3.  Know the Difference – Some stores do have the sizing differently for every gender. For women, it is ladies’ sizes. For men, it is men’s sizes.So it’s good to know the difference between the two, it has a lot of difference when it comes to fitting. Ladies’ sizes use even numbers to denote it, most usually, such as 2, 4, 6, 8. And generally, their clothes have more room in the bust and hips, so they’re great for coke figures.

    While men’s clothes, on the other hand, is denoted by odd numbers and has less room cut for the hips and bust. It’s good for smaller frames, trendier tastes, and boyish shapes.

    Note, always check the sizing type before you buy it.Check the difference

  4.  Try Making a List of Sizes from Different Brands – Keep a list of size charts from different brands then compare it to your listed body size. This will make it easier for you to decide for your size when you see an interesting design, may it be in an online store or actual stall in a mall. List of Sizes from Different Brands
  5. Order More than One – This is only applicable in stores that offer returns. As much as possible, try to order more than one in different sizes. Choose what size is best for you, then the wrong ones back. List your size to your keep measurement with the brand name.order different sizes

Now, let’s take a look at the right procedure of getting your right measurement.

Guides to Getting Right Measurements

Getting your measurements is easy, yes. But there are some ways to make it easier and have the accurate result

  • For men – you have a couple of areas to pay attention to. For pants and anything lower, you will basically depend on your height, waist, size, and inseam.But you should also have to measure your hips and buttocks. Having all those measurements in hand will make sure you know what you will be buying.

    For shirts, make sure you take the size of your chest, sleeve length, and your neck size. Those numbers will be what you will need for shirts, blazers and suit coats. measureent for men

  • For Women – you have a few more things to consider than men. You’ll have to measure your bust or the fullest part of your chest and make note of it.You’ll also want to measure your natural waist or the slimmest part of your torso, not necessarily your actual waist where your pants rest. Though it’s not usually used in women’s clothing, it’s still good to have it.

    Women’s measurements usually use hip measurements for sizing or the size around your fullest part of your body at the top of your leg.

    You’ll also want your inseam for pants and slacks according to your height too. Take all your necessary measurements with you when shopping, including neck size and sleeve length. measurement for women

Here’s How:

  1. Neck size – put your tape measure around your neck, where shirt’s collar normally rest. Stand to relax, do not try to bend your neck or squeeze your chin down.Put a finger beneath the tape to give some room for comfort. Avoid squeezing your skin, just let the tape slightly rest on your skin. Also, avoid giving some extras. neck size
  2. Sleeve Length – Measuring your sleeve length will require you a partner to get your size. Put one end of the tape to the center of your nape.Run it through your shoulder and let it hang down to your hand. Measure down to the meaty part of your hand. Do not adjust for some extra, either.

    Take note that you should be standing straight and relax while getting this measurement. Sleeve Length

  3. Shoulder Width – You can take this from a shirt that fits you well. Put the end of your tape measure from the seam of your shirt across the upper back of the shirt to the other seam of the shoulder.This is the measurement from the intersection of the vertical and horizontal part of the sleeve. shoulder width
  4. Chest Size – This is measured from the fullest part of your chest tight up under your armpits and over your shoulder blades.Let your arms hang down in a naturally comfortable position. Do not puff your chest or arch your back. chest size
  5. Waist Size – This is measured from the fullest part of your belly. Make sure to relax and do not hold your breath. This is usually a little bit below your belly button.The tape should be snug on the skin but not be squeezing. waist size
  6. Shirt Length – This is according to you, where you want your shirt to be, or how long you want your shirt to be.Put the measuring tape at the center of your nape down to where you want your shirt to rest. This is usually at the bottom of the buttocks unless you want it a little longer. length size

Final Word:

You can save money by surfing the web and buying clothes online or shopping in actual malls only if you know how to get your right size every time you go for shopping. Always check the store’s return policy before you place an order. Remember that sizes will vary from store to store, brand to brand, and sometimes countries.



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    It was helpful when you said that you should get measurements up to date. My sister is wanting to buy clothes online for her husband for Christmas and wants to make sure she gets the right sizing. I’ll make sure to pass these tips along to her as she searches for clothes to buy.

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