How To Take Care Of A Heat Press Printed Shirt

How To Take Care Of A Heat Press Printed Shirt

Custom designed clothing are often printed with a heat press. The design is known to last longer especially when done well with good quality materials.

But this kind of print needs clothing extra care, to make sure you will be enjoying your shirt for a number of years. Making it withstand plenty of washings and drying.

Heat press printed designs will wrinkle, flake off or melt and obscure the original design over time when taken care of properly. Of course, you’re not spending your money to have a good shirt and let these awful things to happen.

Improper washing and drying will shorten the life of your design on your garment. You need to follow this few simple rules about caring your heat press printed shirts to ensure the optimal durability of the design and the garment itself.

Clothing Extra Care Simple Rules

 For Washing, this is not that difficult as you think. Washing them doesn’t require any difference. You can throw them out into a washer or hand wash will do too. Just remember some simple reminders.

  1. Do not wash right away

    Do not wash right away

    Wait for at least 24 hours before washing a newly heat press printed shirt to let the design stick well to the garment.

  2. Cool water washing

    Cool water washing

    Avoid warm water when washing heat pressed garments. It will not damage your shirt if done for a few times only but it doesn’t help either.

    Heat affects the printing process. Too much heat pressing will damage the print, having it loosen and soften.

    So washing it with cool water is best of care. Heat can affect the fabric too. Cotton shirts will expand and then shrink after washing in a warm water, making your design wrinkle and crumpled-looking print.

  3. Inside out

    Inside out

    Turn your shirt inside out before washing to avoid friction, one of the factors that damage your print. Washing with print side out will make it rubbed to other garments causing your design to wear out.

  4. Wash Gently

    Wash Gently

    Hand wash is best for all types of clothing. For heat pressed printed shirt, you need to hand wash them in the gentlest way you can, avoiding the printed part to avoid friction.

  5. Do not bleach the print

    Do not bleach the print

    As we know, bleaching is for stains only. If you got your shirt stained, do not ever bleach the printed design.

    Try stain spot-treatment, keep the bleach away, avoiding the printed part of the shirt. Always check your detergent, making sure it does not contain any bleaching elements.

    Better yet, try to avoid having your shirt being stained. It is best to prevent it than curing it.

  6. Use mild detergents

    Use mild detergents

    Aside from the possibility that strong detergents contain bleach, strong detergents can have reactions to the dyes used in the printing and eventually will ruin the design.

 For Drying

  1. Low-temperature drying

    Low-temperature drying

    If you have to use a machine for drying, set to low-temperature settings. High heat dryers will cause more damage to heat applied graphics.

  2. Inside out

    Inside out

    Just like washing, you need to turn your shirt inside out when drying to protect your garment from abrasions due to garment rubbing. Never over-stuff your dryer to let your clothes tumble as they dry and to minimize wrinkles.

    Do not over-dry your clothes, remove from dryer while still damp and hang for final drying.

  3. Old-fashioned drying

    Old-fashioned drying

    Hang your clothes to dry on. Keep the garments from the direct heat of the sun to avoid color fading due to the UV light acceleration.

For Ironing

For Ironing

  • If you need to iron your heat press printed garment, do not iron directly the printed part. Turn your shirt inside out and iron at the back of the print.But do not iron it too much to avoid the design to become deformed and ruined.

Further Tips:

If your favorite shirt with your favorite design worn out or faded over the years, you can still have it improved. Put a grease-proof paper directly on top of the design and iron it for a few seconds.

Then peel it off immediately while still hot for light color transfer and after cooling off for dark transfer paper.

Proper care for your heat press printed shirt while not being washed or not being worn is a good practice as part of clothing extra care.

Do not let them stay wet of damp with sweat after taking it off. Hang it instead and let it air-dry. After having it cleaned, fold it and keep it properly.

Do these things and you will have your favorite shirt for the longest time possible, protected from premature damages and destruction.



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