How To Customize Your Own Hoodie

How To Customize Your Own Hoodie


Looking to have and own a hoodie is easy. Knowing all the benefits it can give you, surely you will have the desire to have it. You can either have one for your own or as a gift to someone special. Either way, nothing’s gonna make it more special and sentimental but giving one a customized hoodie.

Youngsters nowadays are spreading the trend all throughout the community of older generations. And we cannot deny the fact that the idea of customizing a hoodie has a strong pull to almost everyone.

It has become one of the most popular items of collection nowadays. And has also become a popular fashion trend for all group of ages.

When you are looking to design your own hoodie for a sports team or for a special occasion, it’s good to know that there are lots of shops today that offers affordable services, physical and online.

Making your own hoodie customized means making a kind of fashion statement that you are willing to show off to the crowd. It’s about showing and expressing your personality.

You can also design a hoodie for a certain custom look for your team but remain warm and stylish all at the same time. For a company, for example, they want to have some customized hoodies to be given out on some charity events to make their company known to the people.

For a sports team, which always have youngsters as members, they have their hoodies as an expression of how they belong to each other.

But having your design to be perfectly done and delivered is not so easy. You have to deal with the producer about the design process and the price, which is, sometimes, so time-consuming and unnerving. Sometimes, what you thought of a very fantastic design you really have in mind comes out different in the actual product.

It has never been easier to have your design exactly to your tastes and specifications.

Then maybe all you need is a little guide about having your hoodie look more personalized and special. Here are some helpful tips to customize your hoodie successfully.

Tips to Get Your Best Customized Hoodie

Choose the Right Color

Choose the Right Color

First and foremost, the most important component of your hoodies design is the color. This is basic to all types of clothing. The design will always depend on the color of the fabric and the design.

This factor can make a big difference whether people will want to wear it or not, and how it will reflect the owner’s personality.

Choose a hoodie in the size and color that suits you best. Make it a canvass for the design you will be making.

To choose the color, you have to consider the preferences of the one or the team that will be wearing it. You have to try a lot of ideas and choose which one is the best. And don’t forget to think about it carefully.

Get a Lot of Concepts

Get a Lot of Concepts

Try plenty of ideas, even those ones that you are not so keen of. And try not to do it drastically. You have to spend a lot of your time on this process if you want to have the best result.

You have to design several options even if you have a particular one in mind. This will help your mind get overflowing with plenty of those creative ideas and you will be able to see all the good and bad points of the previous ones.

Compare all the designs you make and you will see the best one that will have your heart set on it. All you have to do is refine each one you make to see which one is the best.

Find Inspirations

Find Inspirations

Do not be afraid to go and roam around to see and get some inspirations for your design. It doesn’t mean you have to copy the design of other people. All you will be getting is inspirations to come up with a lot of beautiful ideas and discover a whole new creation of your own.

This will help you a lot on choosing your color, patterns, styles, logos and a lot more. These inspirations can be found from brochures, catalogs, magazines, TV shows, movies and even from the streets.

Make a list of those designs you like and ignore those ones that did not awake any interest in you.

Do not be afraid to get your inspirations elsewhere and create a lot of different concepts to choose your final design from.

Make Your Design Simple

Make Your Design Simple

Bear in mind that designing for your customized hoodies for the first time, being complicated is the last thing you need to do.

Even if your inspirations look so stunning that you want to copy everything about it, remember that you are not an expert yet to create such design so you have to consider designing the simplest way you can.

One more thing is, you might just don’t have the budget and all the resources to produce all those complicated designs.

But of course, simplifying your design doesn’t mean it can not be as striking as you wanted it to be.

You can always take styles from those complicated designs you have as inspirations, then produce a more simple but eye-catching and striking design a lot of people just might love to wear.

Bear in mind that simple designs are always the best, as long as the essence and the thought you want to express is there. So there’s no need to complicate things to have a good expression.

Final Words:

Customized your hoodies to stand out among the masses, having your own design printed on it. Remember that customized designs are made to make a mark in the industry of custom clothing. So when making it for your own, try to create one that will turn heads while you wear it.


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