Strategies to Save Money on Clothing

Strategies to Save Money on Clothing

Setting a clothing budget is already a pressure for anyone earning almost just enough for his/her basic needs. Also hard for people who are earning a big fortune from his job, but also saving a part of it to support his family’s future. You always need a clothing upgrade almost every month, every year or anytime you need to. Especially when the time and the circumstances ask you to. Sometimes you’ll ask yourself, “how can I save from my clothing? Or how can I spend less on this? or is there any strategy I should know to save money on clothing?”.

Clothes are always nice to look at, fun to have and always expresses our personality. Sad thing is, sometimes we don’t have sources for it.

Someone maybe would give you some tips on how to save from it. And it’s tempting. And the big BUT is, is the tip given to you really worth the try? Is it effective? There are some helpful tips below that might help you analyze well.

Take Good Care Of Your Current Keeps

  Try to make your favorite item last longer with this easy strategies:

  1. Fix everything that’s already inside your closet– when you see one of your belongings getting old or getting ruined, you will think that it’s easier to get rid of it than to fix it. But there are things we love so much that it hurts letting it go. If your favorite shirt doesn’t fit you anymore, bring it to the tailor for some fixing. One of your shirts loses a button, you can replace it yourself. Or your shoes seems already worn out that the heels and the sole almost tearing apart, you can bring it your nearest shoe repair shop and have it done. Of the repair is not for free but at least you’ll spend less than buying and replacing the item.closet
  2. Keep zippers close- maybe sounded weird, but this is one of the ultimate you can give to your jeans and all that has zippers. When washing jeans you have to zip it close to avoid ripping its teeth. Knowing that jeans cost a hard cash. So you better give it a lot of care too, to make it last longer.zipper for clothes
  3. Wash lesser times as possible– this may sound so bad, but it will make your clothes last longer. Of course, this does not apply to all types of clothing. It’s only for sturdy ones like jeans and jackets which of course you can wear a number of times before washing it. The longer they last, the lesser the replacement needed.washed clothes at lesser time
  4. Wash clothes the best way you can– it’s bad to think that you see your favorite dress still in it’s best to look but one you wear it, it ripped so easily. Maybe you just used the wrong detergent each time you washed it. Try using the mildest detergent you could ever get to ensure that your garments will last as it should be. There are some delicate and sensitive garments that need a gentler wash to make it look the same in a long time.wash clothes properly
  5. Store them all PROPERLY- this means folding what’s inside the closet the proper way you should. Fold everything that is to be folded. Hang anything that needs to be changed. Avoid overstuffing your closet. You can extend your clothes’ life by simply storing them the right them properly
  6. Wear Undies- this doesn’t only mean panties, brassieres, and briefs. This also includes undershorts and undershirts. Wearing this underneath your clothes keep them from sweat stains. So you should start practicing this if you don’t just yet.wear undies
  7. Avoid Storing Your Business Suits in Plastic Bags– if you need some dry cleaning, the shop will probably provide you a plastic bag to cover your garments from dirt and dust while going home. Do not hang them in your closet still inside that bag. Take it out and you can cover it with some canvas cover, or you don’t have one, you can use an old pillowcase to hang cover those suits.dont store in plastic bags
  8. Do Not Put Already Worn Clothes Back Inside Your Closet– keeping worn garments together with the clean ones is a bad practice. You should always avoid times like this especially when you have kids at home. This will cause your clean clothes to smell the same with the dirty ones due to less air circulation.Seaparate Worn Clothes
  9. Treat Stains Immediately– as much as possible, try to take action on stains right away. Do not let it stay longer as it will be harder to remove them.remove stains
  10. Be Smart on Wearing Things– try wearing just the right fit. Do not wear too long jeans for this will get the bottom worn out too fast. Every time you got to change, make sure you are wearing just the right size.wear comfy clothes

How to Save Money on Clothing

  1. Know Yourself Well– knowing everything about yourself means a lot when you’re planning on buying some clothes. You should know your body and know what type of clothing suits you well. Always remember what essentials you need the most. Learn what style looks good on you.know yourself
  2. Choose Good Quality- good quality always goes along with a bigger price. But you have to think about this, the better the quality, the longer it last. So it’s obvious that you don’t need to buy that often. While when you buy less quality just because it’s cheap means you have to replace it always. Apply this especially on things that you wear on business purposes and for your job requirements.good quality
  3. Buy Clothes That Fits You Now– when you are a parent, you would always prefer to buy a “grow-into” type of clothing for your kids. Please do not apply this to yourself. You will not grow any more unless you are wishing to gain some weight which I don’t think so. Buy those things that will make you feel comfortable while you wear it at the moment. You can not live in the future, so you should always build a wardrobe for your present life, not for the size you think you will be.good fit
  4. Buy Lower Priced Basics– this applies to all kinds of undies. Or everything that you tend not to wear alone. For those things that you always wear underneath and not for show off. You can buy a good quality but of lower price. Don’t go after a certain brand just for undies. Do not spend a fortune just to have a branded working outfit. After all, you only wear them when working out and be a receiver of your sweat so spend lesser for them.affordable yet elegant
  5. Take Sales as Good Opportunity to Shop– shopping when plenty of sales are on is a good idea. This technique seems so common for almost everyone. A good season to buy some neutral clothes or those type of clothes that you wear every day like pants, shirts, and some casual attires. And it’s good when suits for job and business are on sale too. But always remember to shop only for those of your needs. You might find a 30% off of good pants or a shirt or a sweater and buy it just to realize at home that you don’t really need it every day. Always remember not to be blinded by the on sale
  6. Do Not follow Trends So Closely– current trends might be very tempting to follow especially when you think it’s good on you. But remember to choose trends that you can wear forever and not just until it last. Bear in mind that trends are always rolling every season. There are short-lived trends that we can say a waste of money. You might love that trendy skirt today then realize that you don’t really need it six months later. So why not stick to classic trends that will always work.trendy clothes don't last forever
  7. Buy Right Clothes at the Right Time– there are some specific months in a year when garments are sold at lower prices. Like for kids, it’s perfect to shop on July until October. Prices will rise when Christmas season is approaching and in the opening of classes so you should shop in between. Applies the same for an adult. Prices are high when summer is coming and in the Christmas season. Always know your perfect shopping season.perfect buying
  8. Buy Necessities Pre-season- when you’re planning for some outing next summer then you better shop for your needed garments earlier. Like, swimsuits are cheaper in cold season. If you shop for things not for the season then you’ll get many discounts. But make sure that when you buy things this way, it really is on purpose and it will really be used in your planned time. You can not just waste money to be hidden forever. preseason sale
  9. Make Thrift Stores as One of Your Options– they are the ones who sell slightly used pre-loved items and clothes. You may find in there what you need so why not give it a try when saving is in your mind. Sometimes you can find branded items there that are sold at lower prices. Just avoid thrift stores with stinky odor, it might make you feel dizzy and it’s not good. Thrift Stores
  10. Give Up What You Already Don’t Need – you maybe have things in your closet that seems you already don’t need but still in good wearing and looking condition, why not sell it to save more. Of course, you can not sell it for how much you bought it but at least it won’t go totally to waste and trash, which will happen when you keep on hiding it in your old clotthes
  11. Check What You Buy Carefully– before paying for an item, check everything well. Like the sewing type, check all the hidden areas for it may have some defects. Even the label you must check too. Check if it is for wash clean or dry clean. Remember that dry cleaning will keep you paying the shop every time you need to clean your thing. So you are not saving at all. check it carefully
  12. Go Online- shopping online for clothes is a good idea. Browsing the net means you can have a lot of choices from different stores all at the same time. So less money to spend on fares, or if you have a car, less gas. You can find a lot of discounted items online which is of good quality. Online stores and websites offer a deep discount, especially on clearance seasons. buy online
  13. Borrow Clothes Only Needed Once – sometimes we need a certain outfit just for a single event. If there’s someone in your family or your circle of friends who have it, you can try borrowing from them. You’ll gonna save a 100% of its price. Since you won’t be needing it again in the future. borrow clothes
  14. Avoid Renting if Needed More Than Once- of course you can not borrow and borrow things you need for a number of times. And it’s a waste of money to go for rentals. As much as you can, buy it and keep it to be used again and again. avoid renting
  15. Try Making a List– just like groceries, we need a list of our necessities to stick to our budget. You can apply it in clothes shopping too. Make a list of what you and your family just need and stick to it. Sometimes women’s wear got a higher price than men’s and children’s wears, so try window shopping in their area and you may found there what you need.Checklist
  16. Roam Around- when going to the mall, be willing to spend plenty of your time there. Do not buy immediately upon finding what you need. You can hunt all around to find a lot of choices that offers good quality with lower price.roam around
  17. Avoid Credit Cards – as much as possible try using your cash on hand if you really want to save on clothes. Using credit cards will cost you some interest if you can’t pay the whole balance on due time. Try not making it a habit. You may not notice that your credit grow and grow a lot each time you shop. avoid credit cards

Always remember that upon shopping, what you will buy is what you only need. Shop only for the life you have right that moment and not the life you are just planning in the future, it might not happen. Always bear in mind that save more, you need to have more control of yourself. Shopping discipline helps you a lot to have a good future.    


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