Perfect Outfit: Where to Get Inspired and How to Change It

Perfect Outfit: Where to Get Inspired and How to Change It

There are sometimes that it seems to us like we’re so tired of wearing the same outfit almost every day. There is that feeling that we like to try out some new trends of latest fashion and have the perfect outfit for us.But some things hold us back.

That’s the scary feeling to try out some new things. Or maybe your closet just went out of some nice combination to go with the newest trends and it’s like you’re wearing the last piece out of your wardrobe.

Or maybe you’re afraid of what people will think about you when you try some outfit combinations you haven’t tried before. Or simply because you can’t think of anything new.

Lastly is, maybe you just need some inspiration to start trying out a new and to start renewing your closet and have your perfect outfit.

Sometimes for some reason, we get fickle minded when it comes to looking for inspiration. Like when watching a certain fashion show or just a simple catalog, you liked one of the outfits yet you have to remember that there’s a thin line between “inspired by” and “copied from”.

This tips maybe would give you some firm ideas on your clothing.

Maybe this tips might help you out of it.

Tips to have inspirations and how to have it:

  1. Blogs


    This is a good idea if you can spend enough time browsing your net, then you better look for some latest fashion ideas. Maybe you would love to portray some of those ideas they wrote for. Blogs about fashion will help you a lot to have some good idea to try with.

    Try to regularly read inspirational publications about fashion and design. Just always know when was the time that blog was edited to make sure you are following the latest.

  2. Magazines


    You can always take a look on your magazine rack and look for some combinations you might love, as magazines play a great role when it comes to fashion.

    Or if you don’t have magazines, you can just go to your nearest bookstore or grocery and or any public place that has a free magazine stand to browse for some pretty good look that will awake your interest. Pretty sure, all magazines have a lot of fashion models looking good in their outfit. 

  3. Movies


    Another good source of fashion inspiration. Watching a movie with good actors and actresses portraying every role always make you feel like you wanna be like one of them.

    Sometimes you want to wear what they wore in the movie. Make sure that the one you’ll pick is not out of your personality. You better watch movies of you generation more often.

  4. Catalogs


    Maybe sound too far back our age, but we have to accept the fact that for once in our lives we were inspired by the models and the looks on any catalog we saw.

    We had once wanted to buy almost everything in that catalog. So it’s not that bad if we go back some time to repeat fashion before.

  5. TV Shows

    TV Shows

    Like movies, tv shows are always perfect to get ideas from. Everyone’s outfit in the show is dedicated to making the team look perfect. They all made sure that the show would gain a lot of audiences.

    And one of the reasons why followers keep on watching the show is that they are always expecting something new with the hosts’ outfits every day.

    Especially when the one wearing looks good in it. But try not to focus on the latest shows. You can always travel years back and look for some pretty look ideas about fashion.

  6. Review some inspirational photos of the past

    Review some inspirational photos of the past

    Aside from looking out for new images to get you inspired with, you can also try reviewing your own photos before and look for outfits that looked good on you.

    Or maybe you have your saved images out of your past escapades with your friends and relatives. Try mixing their good styles with yours and see for yourself of all the nice results.

How will you change your outfit?

  1. Empty Your Closet

    Empty Your Closet

    Cleaning your closet out maybe fun when you want to change what’s in it. When everything inside it seems to cross each other’s way, maybe it’s advisable to remove them all and clean your closet.

    Make it a happier place for your home. Remove everything inside and start putting it back all over again, one by one. 

  2. Take a look on all that you already own

    Take a look on all that you already own

    This way you will know what are things you lack. While picking each item out, take the time to know and invent on everything you already have.

    Maybe you can think of mixing them to create your own a whole new blend of fashion out of what you already have. Even when they seem to be out of the latest, you can at least try out. Let your creativity take the will. 

  3. Shopping


    This doesn’t really mean you go out and spend a fortune to change everything in your closet. Though it’s a good idea for almost every woman, SHOPPING.

    You can always go to a mall just to get some ideas. Looking for some good outfit, this can be found in any mall with plenty of mannequins standing all over.

    Saving your ideas all to yourself is not bad. You can buy it all when you already have your resources, of course. 

  4. Repeat a favorite look

    Repeat a favorite look

    Sometimes, there are looks that are long forgotten but when brought back, makes you proud of yourself. And can inspire others to do the same.

    Or you can mix and blend your previous job uniforms to create a whole new you. 

  5. Roam around your street

    Roam around your street

    The place around us is always an influence when it comes to the outfit we wear day by day. It is always a factor you consider every time you change your clothes especially when you plan to go out.

    Nobody wants to look out of place. As much as possible, you try your best to be ‘in’ with the people around you. 

  6. Be practical

    Be practical

    Being practical is always required when thinking about something to wear each day. Like for example, you have to do a lot of walking, a comfortable jean, and shirt paired with good shoes go perfectly on you.

    Or you have to go to a certain event, being formal is always good for you. Always remember that wherever you will go, your comfort is your own concern. 

  7. Give preparations enough time – 

    When your schedule every day is tight that you don’t have much time brainstorming on what to wear, then give it a lot of time ahead.

    Let say, you have a vacant time on Sunday, try preparing your outfit for the next days according to where you’ll be going so you can choose well.

    Or you can prepare your clothes every night before going to bed to avoid unwanted outlooks. Being prepared always keep you comfortable each day. 

Note: It’s time you are planning to try new outfits to have new looks, remember that even how good you look to other people or how bad it might be, the main concern is your comfort and what you feel about yourself while doing your duty. Trying out new things requires plenty of self-confidence. So you must gain yours each time you create your own blend of fashion. Make sure that your look is favorable to you.

Get rid of your worries and let your positivity take place.



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