Strategies on How to Shop for Clothes on a Budget

Strategies on How to Shop for Clothes on a Budget

Clothing is a necessity, yes. But sometimes went out of the way because your budget is holding your back. Providing your family’s needs when it comes to clothing.

As we all know, it’s hard to buy and have our desired fashionable clothes on a budget that seems to be just enough for all our other necessities.

Of course, we need to have clothing that fits the way of living we have. We want to provide good quality clothing to each family member according to their needs.

Sometimes, we thought that maybe we can adjust on other things just to have our clothing needs every once in a while.

Or maybe we just have to learn some strategies to shop for our clothes on a shoestring budget.

Shopping for Clothes on a Budget

  1. Go Thrifty

    Go Thrifty

    There’s nothing wrong in going to thrift shops to shop for some quality clothes. There are people who love to spend a fortune on their clothing but wear it only a couple of times then send it to thrift shops. So why not take advantage of it?

    Spending twenty to thirty minutes of your time there and find something really good is not a waste. You will save a lot from it. Some of the items sold here are of designers brand which the owner get rid of to go with the latest trend but wanted to have an amount in return.

    This is a good chance for you to own a good brand at a lower price. Try to go there early on weekends before the best items went sold out.

  2. Always Prefer Quality


    Always Prefer Quality

    There are times that when we buy clothes, we always look for the brand name first rather than the price.

    Thinking that it feels so proud to wear clothes with well-known brands.Branded clothes have good quality, yes. But we can find good quality from brands not so known yet.

    All you need to have is the sharpest eyes you can have when shopping for it. Don’t go straight to the branded areas. Try browsing the store in every corner.

    Take a look on an item’s seams. The lasting time of a clothing depends on the way how it seamed. You should know how to look on this. And try to prefer natural fabrics like wool and cotton. This will guarantee you a long time usage.

    Always know that you better choose good quality even if it needs you to release more money. After all, it’s better to spend big once than to spend a little but often. Buy clothes to last you a long time.

  3. Care for Your Clothing Properl

    Care for Your Clothing Properl

    This is as easy as one plus one. Wash the same colors together. The tags will always tell you how to care for a certain type of fabric.

    Make sure to practice this strategy more often so you won’t be shopping for clothes every week. Hand washing your clothes always makes a good choice rather than machine washing to make them last longer.

  4. Prefer Low-price Clothes for Babies

    Prefer Low-price Clothes for Babies

    You should be smart enough not to spend a lot of money on babies clothes.  Of course, we always want our little ones to look their best by clothing them the best way we can.

    But you should realize that babies do grow fast. Before you know it, his/her clothes don’t fit anymore and you need to buy again and again.

    In this case, you should prefer to buy cheaper clothes for them so you can buy a couple or a number of it.

  5. Make Hand-me-down more effective

    Make Hand-me-down more effective

    Do not get rid of outgrown clothes so easily. Especially when you have kids. Keep it and wait for the right time to hand it down to them.

    The same strategy applies with your eldest kid. Keep his/her outgrown clothes carefully, so you won’t hesitate to handle it down to your next kid.

    Or you can hand it down to someone else as long as it still looks good. This is a good strategy especially if you have good quality clothes. Your money you invested will not go directly into rag bag.

  6. Always Buy Out of Season

    Always Buy Out of Season

    The reason for this step is pretty obvious. Retailers and consignment shops are Getting rid of their stocks when it’s opposite season.

    They sell summer stuff at the lowest price during a rainy or cold season. Same as they sell coats and jackets and sweaters the lowest price during summer. So you better take advantage of this opportunity.

  7. Sales are good but don’t be obsessed with it

    Sales are good

    It’s always good to shop a number of clothes when you see a lot of sales here and there. You think it’s a good opportunity for you that it came to a point where you always want to buy stuff every sales season.

    This is not so good. Try to shop only for what you need. Always check your wardrobe for the lacking and shop for it. Sales are given to make you spend less, not more. So try resisting the urge of buying unnecessary things just because it’s on sale.

  8. Buy Your Size Only

    Buy Your Size Only
    Buy clothes that fit you or your family member now and not because you want to fit in it someday. Focus your money on buying clothes that are useful for you today and not in the future.

    You don’t know just yet if your motivation for your desired size will really pay off. It might go straight to your rag bin unused. Try to invest your money on things that you are going to use in the present.

  9. Go for Classics

    Go for Classics

    Try to fill your wardrobe with timeless classics than going trendy. This will help you wear anything without looking outdated. For men, they can always wear things that are years older but still looks trendy and classic.

    You can always blend and match what’s inside your closet and look good just the same. Some examples of classic items are button down shirts, trench coat, black suit, sports jacket, overcoat, zip-up hoodie, polo, tees, white shirts, jeans, and belts. 

  10. Shop Online

    Shop Online

    This is a quick and easy way to find clothes you need at a lesser price. It’s easy to browse the net and look for online stores that offer good quality products.

    But this strategy means no return if your item doesn’t fit you. You need to know your exact size before buying online to avoid more expenses.

    There’s is no online store that offers you to try the material first before buying it. Just be extra careful when buying online.

Before you go shopping for clothes on a tight budget, make sure you know the things you have in your wardrobe. It’s bad to realize in the end that you bought something good but there’s nothing in your closet to match with it, or you might already have that kind.

Remember that smart shopping is quality shopping. It’s good to have a few quality clothes than to have a wardrobe full of poor quality items.

You don’t to shop for everything all at once. You can have them one at a time. Consider starting with the classics and slowly add a single special item in time you can.

Try filling your wardrobe with things that compliment each other so that you can blend and match them anytime you need to.

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