Ultimate Guide to Successful Team Building Events

Ultimate Guide to Successful Team Building Events

What is Team Building?

 Team building is an event where a group of people or employees use to enhance their social relationship to each other and to turn themselves into a cohesive team. This event too will define roles within each team. This tends to improve the team’s cooperative skills to meet their customer’s needs.

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive and more successful. More fun and happier too. But team building is sometimes tricky and hard to organize. Some activities tend to induce more eye rolls than high-fives.

This includes daily interactions, structured activities, and exercises to help them improve and accomplish their purpose and goals.

Sometimes your team just need some get-together and some fun in a place where all of you can enjoy, so you think you need to organize one event for that.

Things to consider when planning events like this are the venue, foods,  game ideas, custom t-shirts and business topics to discuss and improve.

Team Building Ideas:

  1. Community Service 

    Community Service 

    For some bonding, encourage your team to adopt some community service during your holidays. Work together as a team in organizing a beach clean-up, community beautification project, or any activity that will reflect your company values.

    Get out from the office and do some good activity to build a strong bond with each other.

  2. Beach Party 

    Beach Party 

    This is a common activity for creative team building. Let everyone in the team build the sense of friendship and unity while having fun and plan about company success.

    A bonfire at night is a good idea for this.

  3. Team Outing 

    Team Outing 

    This is good to be done in places where all of you do not usually go. A place where everyone is a first-timer and all of you will share the same moments and fun.

  4. Office Trivia 

    Office Trivia This is an easy game to everyone. Questions to be thrown is all about your workplace and work description.

    This is a quick way to know how observant your team is. Good for bonding too. This is an office activity.

  5. Back-to-back Drawing

    Back-to-back Drawing

    This is to know how strong is each member on communication skills. Played by pairs sitting back-to-back. The first person will hold a picture and the other one will have the paper and pencil or pen and draw what the person with the picture tell him to, describing what’s in the picture.

    The winner will be identified according to which result is the nearest replica to the picture. This too is an office game.

Best Theme Ideas:

A theme is set to be followed when planning out your event. People will have the message loud and clear just by seeing your team. Below are some suggestions:

  • Progress and Pride
  • Obstacles are Opportunities
  • Doing Great Things!
  • Intense Trust Creates Incredible Teams
  • Sustaining Great Results
  • Teamwork is an Individual Skill
  • Be an Amazing Teammate

Why should we have custom t-shirts on our team building?

Custom t-shirts will not only help identify teammates but also help to promote a sense of community among employees, many of whom worked in different departments and didn’t even know each other’s names.

  1. Expresses Team Unity

    Expresses Team Unity

    This is the best way to express your team’s spirit and unity, to come with matching shirts. This helps each member feel the sense of belongingness and really feel the spirit of the event.

    Even motivate you to compete more effectively to other teams with different custom shirt uniform. Even a total stranger from a different department or from the other branch of your company will feel the sense of camaraderie and support your team’s logo.

    This will help each member identify with one another.

  2. Creates Teamwork

    Creates Teamwork

    There’s no other way to make things happen in a team but teamwork. And wearing custom shirts during the event always provokes teamwork to each member.

  3. Shows Social Cause

    Your custom t-shirts will help you show to people about your social cause, about your purpose for rendering such event. But that should be shown on the design.

  4. Inspire Every Employee

    Your company will benefit from custom apparels by having it advertised with it. This will promote company’s identity and establish professionalism. And along with that, this will also inspire every employee to improve their working attitudes and work ethics.

  5. Improves Performance

    Makes every employee feel appreciated and valued. Thus, they will be more loyal to the company, make them show pride in their work and be more productive.

    As long as they feel that belongingness, they will continue to be motivated and always want the job well done.

    They feel accountable for the companies success so they don’t want to mess it up, knowing that their actions will always reflect the company.

  6. Make Your Team to Stand-out

    Team competition always needs crowd enthusiasm. The more your team stand out and the more you appeal to the crowd, the more energy and cheers you get from them. Make your custom shirts help you appear as a unified group to gather enough support from the onlookers.

  7. It is Affordable

    Buying custom shirts as a team will make you save more. There are shops that offer discounts for bulk orders.

    So having custom shirts for events and purposes like this doesn’t mean your team will spend a fortune. Make it a point that you don’t need to spend a lot on custom your custom shirts.

Tips to Consider on Choosing your Custom Shirt:

  •  Prioritize Comfort and Fit – Of course, you always want your team to be proud and enjoy their shirt, so you have to give them a reason to.Choose a good fabric, if you can’t have the best. Cotton fabric is a popular choice to any company for their team events because it offers comfort and durability.It is also easy to care for. Always let them choose their size to make sure the shirt fits them well.
  • Choose Attractive Designs – Try choosing a design that will create a big impact to your event. A design that connects the employee to the company. You can try asking them for suggestions and concept ideas.

Team Building is all about connection within each employee. Try to make the best and get the most out of it.





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