Top 25 Cool Birthday Gifts Ideas

Top 25 Cool Birthday Gifts Ideas

Birthday is one of the many celebrations that happens only once in a year. Thus, someone celebrating it deserves to receive a special gift anyone can give. It might be a friend, a relative, siblings, parents, a special someone or might be from you.

Giving a special gift to a special person sometimes takes a lot of time just thinking of what is best you can give. You always want to give the best but couldn’t think of something.

Some suggestions might be a big help to you. Below are some cool birthday gift ideas for you to choose easily to make your celebrant’s birthday happier.

Cool Birthday Gift Ideas to Someone Special:

  1. Three-layer chocolate cake – this may be common to almost everyone but the fact is that it is always an all-time favorite. This has never become a cliche` to every birthday, so giving one is a good idea. 
  2. Special love personalized mug – a mug is also a common gift. But not the personalized one. You can have it printed with:
  • Statements that touches anyone’s, heart
  • Birth year of the celebrant and its luck
  • Photos of he/she love the most
  • Celebrant’s name and its meaning
  • his/her favorite character
  • his/her favorite job statement
  • List of your favorite sweet moments together (this applies to friends, couples, siblings, and lovers).
  1. Customized t-shirts – this sounds common, yes. But you should know that it is also one of the most loved gifts anyone can receive. Especially when printed with something you know the celebrant will appreciate and treasure.
  2. Personalized pillowcases – this is best to be given to someone special. Design it with the things you really think would touch his/her heart.

    Like you have it printed with his/her family cast, memorable dates you know about his/her life, places you’ve gone together or those pleasant events in life you’ve shared.

  3. A piece of jewelry – a gift like this doesn’t mean you have to choose expensive ones. A simple one will do as long as it is given with all the good thoughts you have.

    This includes bracelet, a necklace, a ring, or a pair of earrings with a special birthstone. An engraved name or a sweet word will make it more special.

  4. Picnic Backpack – if the celebrant is a teen, then maybe he/she loves an outing. So a good kind of picnic backpack will be very much appreciated.
  5. Keepsake box anyone sentimental will surely appreciate a gift like this. Someone who loves to keep all her sweet memorabilia needs a special keepsake box to keep all those sweet little things.
  6. Best storybook – this one comes in many different forms. May it be a romance novel, a book of history, a book of literature or the simplest but the best story book you know worth reading.

    Give this to a celebrant who’s in love with reading anything he/she had a chance to.

  7. Archery set – this one is for the person who loves archery. Well, as we all know, almost all men love armor. If given a chance, they would love to collect firearms.

    Archery is a subtle way for the adventure they love. If he doesn’t love it yet, you can make him, though. Instead of keeping a firearm, you can tell him to just went hunting with that bow and arrow.

  8. Backscratcher- sounds weird? Yes. but everyone needs something like this especially when they’re away from home and there’s no one you can ask the favor of scratching your back.

    Uncommon gift yes, but the one be given will surely appreciate.

  9. Bifold leather wallet a wallet that can contain almost all his essentials. Cards, important receipts, bills, etc. This wallet is mostly needed by men with a lot of things to keep.
  10. Bike almost everyone nowadays is interested in riding a bicycle. This is not just a good hobby but also a good form of exercise.

    A gift like this will not only be greatly appreciated, this will also help encourage anyone to start being fit and work out in a very easy way.

  11. Under Armour Duffel Bag this brand sounds expensive, and yes, it needs to be shipped from Uncle Sam. but this is truly worth all your effort.

    Everyone needs a duffel bag for all types of escapades. This one speaks a lot about masculinity. If you’ll give one to a special man, surely he will love it.

  12. Noise Cancelling Headphones – this is good for anyone who spends a lot of stressful time each day. This will help him/her have a relaxing time, canceling all the noise around.
  13. Waterproof books – this one is not yet common. But this will surely make a good gift to a celebrant who wanted to spend all her precious time reading.

    Reading while soaking in a cool bathtub or a pool can be a very good relaxation. So be the first one to give this kind of thing.

    Online stores made it possible for us to buy one so try browsing your net to find one. 

  14. Split Pendant Necklace – a piece of jewelry which is, as we all know, best for couples. But not only for lovers, also for best friends, mother and child, and siblings.

    He/she will wear the first half and give the other half to someone special to him/her. And that someone might be you.

  15. Getaway Weekender Bag and Backpack best for teens and students who love weekend outing with friends. Giving the celebrant a good bag like this may be a big relief for her needs.
  16. Fun and Fabulous Beach Towel A towel, of course, is a necessity when going to the beach. This is such a good thing for teens and kids who love beaches.
  17. Trucker Hat sounds a common gift to almost everyone, yes. But this always a good thing to people who spend more time outdoors. Giving one to your celebrant will always be thanked for.
  18. On the Go Tumblers – like a trucker hat, this is best for outdoors. We need to drink more water any moment while away from home.

    Bringing our own is always a good practice. Try giving one for your celebrant to show you care.

  19. Car Mat of course, this one is only good for anyone who owns a car. But you can try to find a special one with his initials on it.  
  20. Contemporary Jewelry Box –  this is best for moms. They always treasure everything in the most contemporary way. Most especially that jewelry she received as a gift from special people in her life.
  21. Vintage Birthday Beer Mugs – well appreciated by dads who love beer as a companion. You can try making it more special by having it personalized for him.
  22. Bar and Grill Wood Serving Tray – makes a good gift for every mom who always wants to bring her family out on a picnic. This always makes her company.
  23. Couples Keychain married couples or any couples who are sharing the same house needs to have a keychain each for less worry when they are in different places and went home in different time.

    Giving the celebrant a gift like this will always be thanked for, knowing how useful it is for the both of them.

When you gave something to someone, always remember that, as the common cliche` goes “ it’s the thought that counts, not the price”. Try to make your gift more special and worth to be thankful for.

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