How To Start Your T-shirt Printing Business in the Philippines

How To Start Your T-shirt Printing Business in the Philippines

Want to Know About T-shirt Printing Business Guide?

As of these days, a different type of people prefers a different type of clothes. Everyone has the passion of buying and collecting good quality of good design clothes. All of them want to look their best in formal wear when going to work, duties, meetings, etc. But they also want to be ‘in’ with the current fashion and style when going to their casual getaway, hanging out with friends or even when going to the mall. Nobody wanted to look overdressed. And as of this generation, printed shirts are ‘in’. Printed t-shirts are favorite among the youngsters. They often use their clothing to portray their personality and style. Not only the youngsters but all group of ages loved to wear printed shirts that a lot of thoughts they think reflects their personality.

Printed t-shirts with different designs, patterns, and vibrant colors help them just with that. With changing time and fashion, these t-shirts have also seen a lot of changes. There have been many innovations and technological advances in t-shirt printing that has made this clothing even more modern and popular among people of all age group.

Thus, t-shirt printing is one of the best business you can start with. But you have to analyze first all the factors that you need to consider in putting up a business. In this article, I’ll show you some of those factors you need to know as you start your t-shirt printing business.

First, you have to learn first what type of t-shirt printing technology you will use, that fits not only our needs but also the taste of your future clients. Whether it is silk-screen printing, digital printing or direct to garment printing.

Types of T-shirt Printing Methods

1. Screen printing – this type of shirt printing technique is more affordable to starters or new business ventures. This uses silk or high tension mesh with your design on it and hence create a negative space through which color passes onto your fabric. This type is kinda messy for it requires different screens for each color. But is good for bulk orders to save materials and energy.

silk screen printing technique

2. Heat Transfer/Heat Press– this type is a paper-based process wherein you need to know what appropriate paper you use for a certain design that is to be printed on your fabric, the paper is pressed onto the shirt with a high-temperature heat press equipment.(But normal pressing iron pressing works too). This has no minimum quantity for it’s good for single shirt printing. But only good for three colors, more colors more cost.

Heat Press T-shirt Printing Technique

3. Direct to Garment Printing– this type of technique is a modern one. This is a very expensive business to start, it requires a heavy-duty machinery. The machine involved will completely print the surface of the t-shirt which gives a lot of difference than the other. You can print designs as many colors as you want.

Direct to Garment Technique

4. Dye Sublimation– this technique is fully digital using full-color artwork that works with polyester and polymer coated substrates. In this type of printing, unique sublimation dyes are transferred to sheets of transfer paper through liquid gel ink to a piezoelectric print head. The ink then deposited onto high release inkjet papers which are used for the next step of the process. When the digital design is printed on the sublimation transfer sheets, it is then placed on a heat press along with the substrate to be sublimated. This process is good for full-color design on light garments and there’s no heavy feel to the ink. But this only works for polyester white shirts and has a limited selection.Dye Sublimation tshirt printing technique

5. Vinyl Cutters/Cad Cut – this method uses a machine to cut out certain designs on special solid color sheets of vinyl. Also, uses heat to adhere the designed cut vinyl paper to the garment. This is highly durable, easily customizes different shirts and is great for small orders. But the cons are: you have to use separate vinyl and cut out different colors independently. This doesn’t work well for complex design with complex patterns, but if you have a simple design that only ranges from 1-3 colors, this method might be a good fit for you.
When choosing your method/technique, remember that each one has each own BUT. So analyze it well.

Now, after you have decided what type of printing technology you will use, consider next the things you will be needing to run the business.

vinyl printing

Things to Consider in Putting Up a Printing Business

  • Capital – this is your primary need. For with this you’ll buy all the necessary things like equipment, blank shirts, inks and all.

Need a Business Capital

  • Quality – remember to always use good quality shirts, do not think about the price and the profit you will be gaining in the future. Quality is one of the factors that clients consider when buying products. So, the price is not a question when it comes to quality.Quality First
  • Designs – this is the heart of the business. The design, next to quality is what the clients or your future customers will be looking at, choosing what suits their taste. Make sure to use designs that will capture not only the eyes but also the heart of the buyer. Designs that they’ll surely love to wear.

Good Designs

  • Market and Demands – this time you will be considering to whom you will offer your works, know your customers so you won’t be delivering the right product to wrong people. Know the preferences of the market, as to what designs they might like and remember how they respond to your product. You can also consider of creating a Facebook page or a marketing website to promote your products. And remember, the businessman will always be the one to adjust to the demands of the market.

demand and customer

  • Workforce – you can think of having at least one partner/helper especially in the printing process to make things easier and lighter.

right person to help your business

  • Location – consider putting up your physical shop in a place where all walks of life pass by. A place where all types of people, from class A to C won’t hesitate to come in.

Shop Location

  • Website Page – nowadays, it is advisable to have a website for your printing business. People now have more time browsing the internet than hanging out in a mall. Selling products online today is a good business. But make sure to be legit.If you need a website for your business, try our web development packages here.

Online Store

  • Brand – when promoting your products to the market, online or physical, it is good to have a brand that easily awakes the interest and catches the eyes of the bypassers. Make your brand name easy to remember. So the clients could easily mention it to their friends, especially when they are asked where do they get that nice shirt.

Unique Brand Name

  • Passion – Love for your business, love of what you do is very important. Your business is nothing without Passion.

Dedication to your work and business

Helpful Tips:

      • If you’re looking to print large quantities which will feature a few colors then screen printing is the best bet as they create the screen and then will use the same screen to mass produce your prints.
      • If it’s detailed design with multiple colors and a low run then DTG is good for you.
    • Transfer printing and cad cut vinyl are also good methods but it depends on a lot of your requirements.

Now, for startup entrepreneurs who considered everything but thinking of a small capital you begin with, that is a good investment plan. Having low capital doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want to achieve. Use your small capital to start printing with a few shirts first, giving good design and good quality. You can market that to the immediate people around you, like your friends, colleagues, and even relatives. Of course, that won’t come back without your profit, so your small capital can grow more and more, step by step.


      • Just analyze your requirements and the materials on hand then you’ll know what method is best for you.
      • Theory+Practice= SUCCESS
    • So don’t just think and dream, start now and become one of the best entrepreneurs in the future.

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